What To Expect When Moving Into A 55 Plus Community

The Tapestry 55 Plus CommunityAs people age, they often become interested in downsizing their living environments. Beyond cutting their overall living costs, this decision can significantly reduce the amount of home maintenance that they have to do overall. If you are thinking about moving into a 55 plus community following your retirement, here are a few of the top things that you can expect when residing in this type of environment.

Communities like these are often referred to as active living communities. This phrase means that they are specifically designed to accommodate the wants and needs of retirees who want to continue maintaining robust and lively social lives. As such, they are often rich with a very diverse range of activities like swimming, golfing, fishing, or various fitness options. In fact, there are even communities for accommodating aging adults with very niche-specific interests.

When moving into one of these sites, you can expect to enjoy diligent noise control. The tranquil environment is because no one living in these facilities will be under the age of 55. This age restriction means that there will not be any loud and boisterous college students or children’s parties with which to contend. There will also be a limited amount of traffic as well. Age requirements are quite strict to ensure that everyone has access to the type of environment that they expect. Due to this fact, although your younger family members and friends can visit you, they indeed cannot move in.

In fact, a number of these communities are gated as well. This boundary makes them significantly more secure than neighborhoods that can be entered by anyone from the general public. To gain entry guests will either need access to a unique passcode that they have been issued, or they will need to be met at the security gate by their hosts.
People who have retired often love living in these neighborhoods due to the comfort and significantly increased sense of security. Moreover, the available properties are relatively compact and easy to maintain, and they are generally populated by many like-minded people who are committed to making the most of their golden years.

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There A Great Reasons For Living In A 55+ Community

The Tapestry living in a 55+ communityIf you are getting ready to retire, or are already there, you have to decide whether or not you want to continue to live in a house that’s too big because all the children are gone, or move somewhere smaller. Moving can be an exciting adventure if you look at it the right way. Living in a 55+ community, for example, has a lot of benefits and not many drawbacks.

The homes and condos in these communities are designed with seniors in mind. Most of the homes offered are one-level ranch style. You won’t have to worry about stairs or basements here. The houses are built with doors wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers too.

Most retirement communities offer their residents a whole host of amenities. There are clubhouses where neighbors gather for regular parties, card games, and celebrations. Pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers are pretty standard. Some of the communities are built adjacent to golf courses.

When you lived in your old house, you had grass to be mowed, shrubs that needed pruning, and a watering system that required regular maintenance. Now that you live in this retirement village, all that is done for you. Utilities and local transportation may be included in your monthly association fees.

Although these are billed as retirement communities, the beautiful thing about them is that you aren’t required to be retired at all. The primary resident has to be fifty-five or older and a qualifying income. Beyond that, you can work as much and as long as you like.

Retiring can be a lot of fun. Moving into one of these communities means your neighbors are in your age bracket. Sharing experiences and memories with them is an excellent way to stay young.

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Why You May Want To Look For An Active Adult Living Community

The Tapestry active adult communitiesAfter you exit the traditional workforce, you have to look for ways to both keep yourself busy and control your overall living costs. It is important for retirees to note that falling into long periods of inactivity can have a very negative impact on both their health and their life qualities. This typical situation is why you may want to consider moving into an active adult living community. Following are several benefits that you can gain by residing in these neighborhoods.

It is first important to note that by residing in these areas, you will be placing yourself among like-minded people. These are people who are committed to making the most of their golden years and who still want to remain socially and physically robust. By keeping this type of company, you can retain motivation and inspiration to enjoy your retirement years.

A number of these communities have very niche-specific interests. As such, they make it possible for residents to fully immerse themselves in activities that they enjoy, without having to spend veritable fortunes in the process. For instance, if you like fishing, you can move into a fishing community that has ample resources and amenities on hand. This situation is far cheaper than paying for expensive, guided excursions or investing in a boat.

There are also golfing communities that have full-sized courses and driving ranges. A number of the top communities have a very diverse range of activities. For instance, these places have swimming pools, fitness centers, recreational centers, and much, much more.

One of the most significant benefits of living in these neighborhoods is the fact that they are exclusive. People cannot become residents unless they are of a specific age and retired. This policy is a measure that helps lower crime rates considerably. It also gives residents access to peaceful and quiet neighborhoods that tend to experience very few, negative surprises.

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How To Find The Best 55 Plus Communities For Your Needs

the Tapestry 55 plus communitiesAs a retiree, you might want to think about downsizing as soon as you possibly can. Downsizing is the smartest way to conserve your retirement monies. Given that people are living a lot longer than they have in the past, you certainly don’t want to spend excessive sums to maintain a property that is far too large for your actual needs. For this reason, many people are opting to move into 55 plus communities upon leaving the workforce.

Places like these are designed to make getting older fun. These are supposed to be your golden years, and this means that you should be able to enjoy them. That is why they offer a rich array of exciting features, amenities, and activities. Following are several points to consider as you shop around for the best community for you.

Cost and safety are the principal factors to consider given that they will have the most significant bearing on your overall life quality. You can think about investing in a community that sells modular homes and rents the ground beneath them, or you can look at properties that offer condos or other apartment-style units. Either way, living in these spaces will be considerably cheaper than maintaining a family home after all of your children have grown up and moved on.

Look at the options for ongoing support. These options will give you the chance to spend more of your golden years aging in place. For instance, there should be structured and guided exercise classes, various options in physical therapy, and more advanced support for those who are experiencing considerable changes in memory, cognition, and overall mobility.

Also, shop for an environment that has many of the activities that you love. For instance, if you are a seasoned golfer, you can find places that have golf courses. Some of these locations have dance studios and swimming pools. Others have comprehensive recreational facilities. Features like these aren’t just crucial for staying active they also make it possible for residents to maintain robust and fulfilling social lives.

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The Benefits Of Having A Dog Park In Community Areas

The Tapestry dog park in communityAs a potential home investor, there are some neighborhood features that you should seek.  Additions like these can significantly increase the amount of enjoyment that you get from your new abode. Following are some of the impressive benefits that can be gained by having a dog park in community areas.

These places are ideal for letting pets roam free. In these areas, you do not have to keep your animal on a leash, given that they are enclosed and populated by pet-friendly people. Dog parks are preferable to walk dogs down city streets and never giving them a chance to play and explore on their own.

For pets, this is an excellent opportunity to socialize. These animals can get quite lonely if they never have the chance to engage with their kind. This result is valid even when pet owners are diligent about interacting with their dogs regularly. You want your pup to know how to respond to other canines, so they develop socialization skills and are then unlikely to act out whenever an encounter occurs.

Dogs tend to get far more exercise in spaces like these. If you go down the sidewalk with your pet on a leash, they only walk. With these large, gated areas, dogs can go ahead and break out into full-on runs. This type of exercise is excellent for building endurance, preventing excess weight gain and protecting their cardiovascular health.

When neighborhoods have features like these, they can also benefit community residents who do not own pets. Having a safe and contained place to play means they are not running around in public areas freely. Best of all, property owners can enjoy the added benefit of knowing that these communal additions will also make their homes more marketable by attracting interested buyers, should they ever want to sell.

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Browsing The Ranch Style Homes For Sale Near You

The Tapestry ranch style homes for saleMany people consider buying a house to be a significant milestone in their lives. They want to make sure the houses they look at and buy will fit their needs for decades. You should view the ranch style homes for sale in your area by keeping some criteria in mind.

You might first want to think about if the place has enough bedrooms. Most houses in these styles have at least two or three bedrooms. Some are designed to have four or five in some cases, however.

You generally may be advised to buy a residence in which you can fit at least two people. Most local fire codes allow for two people per room. If you have four children and are married, you would want to purchase at least a three-bedroom residence. This space would be enough for everyone in the family.

Your next item to think about is what kinds of amenities the place can offer you. For example, if you like to cook and bake, you may review the kitchen to ensure it has enough counter space, appliances, fridge and freezer hookups, and other conveniences for you. You will spend years using the kitchen and want it to suit your needs.

Additionally, people who live in the Midwest often want houses that come with basements. A basement can provide you and your family shelter during tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. This fixture also adds value to the property and can be used as a place for extra storage.

These tips are some of the more basic considerations that you could keep in mind when you look around for a ranch style house to buy. A good home could serve you well for years. It also could provide you with ample space to live in comfortably and stay safe during storms.

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Tips For Healthy Active Adult Living

The Tapestry active adult livingAs a child, you might have been on the go all of the time. You spent hours outdoors playing sports, riding bikes, and engaging in activities that kept you fit and healthy. However, once you hit adulthood, you might have slowed down significantly. You can initiate active adult living by using these strategies in your everyday life.

Most fitness experts recommend that people get at least 45 minutes of exercise a day. For someone who has been inactive for years, 45 minutes can seem like a long time. Even so, you are encouraged to start slowly and work your way up to that goal.

Exercise insiders say you do not have to join a gym. You can go for a walk around your neighborhood to burn calories and work out your muscles. A 20 to 30 minute walk every day for at least a week could be enough to get your body ready for longer stints of exercising.

If you remember how to ride a bike, you may take a bike ride around the park or on a nature trail. The exertion of peddling is excellent for your heart and muscles. You burn calories and lower your blood pressure.

After a few weeks of working out every day, you may notice that you are losing weight. This result confirms doctors’ advice that people do not need to join gyms or buy expensive memberships to clubs to get back into shape. Simple measures at home can be all it takes for many people to achieve their fitness goals.

By maintaining an active lifestyle, you could enhance your health, lose pounds, and trim the fat around your body. You also avoid problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. These daily tips may come in handy if you have not been active since you were a child.

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One Floor Townhouse Rentals And Sales

Real-estate agent showing interior of house to senior coupleTownhomes offer a great combination of home and apartment living. In fact, one-floor townhouse rentals and sales continue to soar in global popularity. Like duplexes and penthouses, these venues also offer a wide array of amenities and features.

Older adults enjoy being on one level with no stairs to navigate.  Many of these one-story units feature fireplaces and spacious closets. They also have beautiful flooring, lighting, fixtures and some are even fully or partially furnished.

A local real estate agent will know which communities have one-story townhomes. With years of extensive industry experience, these professionals can connect you to the best available properties and listings in your area. They also specialize in taking buyers on walkthroughs of the property, which allows them to review these units up close and personal. They even feature virtual tours for buyers that are out-of-town but would like to review the townhomes features and amenities.

Most new units are contemporary, but you can furnish your home as you see fit. Your decor may include traditional items and accessories, along with modern or futuristic furniture sets.

You can find design ideas online or by visiting a local furniture store. From sofas and rugs to carpets and tables, these outlets feature the best selection of furniture pieces to beautify any townhome. Another option is to hire an interior designer to recommend designs to spruce up the property.

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Master Bedroom On First Floor

The Tapestry master bedroom on the first floorThe baby boomer generation continues to influence trends in many segments of our society. One of those influences comes in house plans. As this generation ages, there has been a trend in home designs to have master bedrooms on the first-floor level of multi-level homes. Whether this is due to the tenants having mobility issues or the anticipation of problems in the future, people are planning to remain in their home as they age.

Even though this trend has been influenced by the aging population, it has also been embraced by many younger homebuyers. Privacy is a significant factor for wanting sleeping areas on different floors or in different wings of a house. With more people sharing homes making private areas for the tenants is a high priority. Sharing space whether it is in a multi-generational home or unrelated people living together many people are looking for separation between private areas in the home.

Another group of individuals who look for master bedrooms on the first floor is people buying the home to use as a vacation home. Being able to close off part of the house when the home is vacant or when only part of the house is used can save money on heating or cooling the entire home. This floor plan also works for empty-nesters who can save on energy bills when the kids are away at school, and the bedrooms upstairs are not being used.

One group of buyers who are split about master bedrooms on the first floor are people with young children. Many think that being on different levels may pose a safety risk in case of fire or just a long trudge in the middle of the night to attend to a crying or sick child. Some solve the problem by using one of the bedrooms upstairs as the master until the children are older. Others just use monitors to keep track of the children. Then again other parents love having the children on the second floor, separate from the master bedroom.

As long as the public shows a demand for this style of home, builders are going to continue to build them.

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Top Tips For Building A New Home

The Tapestry building a new homeMany people are interested in learning more about new home builds but who are not sure where to start. This guide on building a new home outlines some of the key things to consider. Read on for some helpful hints to get you started.

The first consideration should always be safety, and this applies in every step of the process. From doing initial investigations to buying land and choosing a builder making sure that all companies, providers, and services are fully licensed, and bonded is essential. Furthermore, you must do the appropriate investigations to ensure that work and purchases are undertaken legally and safely.

To help you in this regard thankfully there are many resources around. Make sure that information you gather is accurate and current, an important part of doing thorough research.

There are lots of ways to go about this project and to follow are just a few examples. You must make sure that the purchased land is appropriately zoned for your project. Some people purchase property which has the permission attached to it for a new build while others buy the land and then apply for the required zoning.

Whatever route you chose it is important to be aware of potential pitfalls. For example, if the zoning permission is not granted you may be stuck with a piece of land with no plan for it or the cost of adding water lines to a property may be significantly more expensive than expected. So do your homework before making any purchases.

You should also account for property tax in addition to the cost of construction. Being proactive by getting quotes up front is essential to being a smart consumer.

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