One Floor Townhouse Rentals And Sales

Real-estate agent showing interior of house to senior coupleTownhomes offer a great combination of home and apartment living. In fact, one-floor townhouse rentals and sales continue to soar in global popularity. Like duplexes and penthouses, these venues also offer a wide array of amenities and features.

Older adults enjoy being on one level with no stairs to navigate.  Many of these one-story units feature fireplaces and spacious closets. They also have beautiful flooring, lighting, fixtures and some are even fully or partially furnished.

A local real estate agent will know which communities have one-story townhomes. With years of extensive industry experience, these professionals can connect you to the best available properties and listings in your area. They also specialize in taking buyers on walkthroughs of the property, which allows them to review these units up close and personal. They even feature virtual tours for buyers that are out-of-town but would like to review the townhomes features and amenities.

Most new units are contemporary, but you can furnish your home as you see fit. Your decor may include traditional items and accessories, along with modern or futuristic furniture sets.

You can find design ideas online or by visiting a local furniture store. From sofas and rugs to carpets and tables, these outlets feature the best selection of furniture pieces to beautify any townhome. Another option is to hire an interior designer to recommend designs to spruce up the property.

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Master Bedroom On First Floor

The Tapestry master bedroom on the first floorThe baby boomer generation continues to influence trends in many segments of our society. One of those influences comes in house plans. As this generation ages, there has been a trend in home designs to have master bedrooms on the first-floor level of multi-level homes. Whether this is due to the tenants having mobility issues or the anticipation of problems in the future, people are planning to remain in their home as they age.

Even though this trend has been influenced by the aging population, it has also been embraced by many younger homebuyers. Privacy is a significant factor for wanting sleeping areas on different floors or in different wings of a house. With more people sharing homes making private areas for the tenants is a high priority. Sharing space whether it is in a multi-generational home or unrelated people living together many people are looking for separation between private areas in the home.

Another group of individuals who look for master bedrooms on the first floor is people buying the home to use as a vacation home. Being able to close off part of the house when the home is vacant or when only part of the house is used can save money on heating or cooling the entire home. This floor plan also works for empty-nesters who can save on energy bills when the kids are away at school, and the bedrooms upstairs are not being used.

One group of buyers who are split about master bedrooms on the first floor are people with young children. Many think that being on different levels may pose a safety risk in case of fire or just a long trudge in the middle of the night to attend to a crying or sick child. Some solve the problem by using one of the bedrooms upstairs as the master until the children are older. Others just use monitors to keep track of the children. Then again other parents love having the children on the second floor, separate from the master bedroom.

As long as the public shows a demand for this style of home, builders are going to continue to build them.

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Top Tips For Building A New Home

The Tapestry building a new homeMany people are interested in learning more about new home builds but who are not sure where to start. This guide on building a new home outlines some of the key things to consider. Read on for some helpful hints to get you started.

The first consideration should always be safety, and this applies in every step of the process. From doing initial investigations to buying land and choosing a builder making sure that all companies, providers, and services are fully licensed, and bonded is essential. Furthermore, you must do the appropriate investigations to ensure that work and purchases are undertaken legally and safely.

To help you in this regard thankfully there are many resources around. Make sure that information you gather is accurate and current, an important part of doing thorough research.

There are lots of ways to go about this project and to follow are just a few examples. You must make sure that the purchased land is appropriately zoned for your project. Some people purchase property which has the permission attached to it for a new build while others buy the land and then apply for the required zoning.

Whatever route you chose it is important to be aware of potential pitfalls. For example, if the zoning permission is not granted you may be stuck with a piece of land with no plan for it or the cost of adding water lines to a property may be significantly more expensive than expected. So do your homework before making any purchases.

You should also account for property tax in addition to the cost of construction. Being proactive by getting quotes up front is essential to being a smart consumer.

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Finding One Story Ranch Homes For Sale

The Tapestry one story ranch homes for saleMany older adults are planning for the future. When buying a home they often think about what the future might bring and choose houses that can accommodate those future needs.

That is why many older people are looking at one-story ranch homes for sale. Having a one-story home avoids those stairs that are often an obstacle for those with mobility issues. Searching for a home that meets those needs is not the challenge it use to be. New technologies allow a person to look for new homes from their computer or tablet.

Even if a person is not experienced at buying or selling a home, there are many avenues open to them. The following guide highlights how to find one story ranch homes for sale.

Many people are not aware of the full range of possibilities for shopping for property. One of the traditional ways of finding homes is a real estate agent. When relocating to a new town, look for a realtor in that location. A realtor that lives in the area will be knowledgeable about the neighborhoods, schools, shopping areas, etc. in that region. Most realtors today have websites which allow a person to search the latest home listings.

Many realtor sites today are very sophisticated. They may have videos showcasing their latest properties for sale as well as in depth pictures and information. It is easy to arrange viewings of any homes in the realtor’s listings.

There are also a significant number of realty websites online (i.e. Zillow and Realtor) which allow people to look for a property that suits them. These allow anyone to search according to a location as well as characteristics. For example, searches can be done for particular styles of houses, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, particular neighborhoods, etc. – whatever is desired. Taking advantage of the full range of the resources and tools available to makes sense and could help locate that ideal home.

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What To Know When Buying Into 55+ Retirement Communities

Mature couple walking in countrysideIf you are looking to retire, you are likely to want a peaceful place to live in and spend your time. A good place to stay in when you retire is a 55+ retirement community. These neighborhoods are designed for people who have retired from their 9 to 5 jobs. You don’t have to be exactly over 55 to stay in the places. The starting age is from 50 to 60 years old.

Consider the type of housing offered. For instance, you can buy a condo or a single family home. It all depends on your needs and desires. Since this may be the last home that you purchase, carefully think about what type and size of home will meet your needs.

Evaluate the managers who run the place. A good management team will ensure that everything runs smoothly making residing in the area much more enjoyable. Interact with the property managers, to develop a working relationship with them.

Find out what specific programs are offered in the community. Most places have a variety of programs and facilities, for instance, gyms and sporting facilities. Ensure that the place has programs that are of interest to you.

Ask what the living expenses are like in the area. You don’t want to stay in a place that you cannot afford in the long run. Expenses such as cleaning, maintenance, and landscaping can add up, eventually making it too costly for you to stay.

Explore the place at different times of the year. This exercise is especially important if you are planning to move from a different state or country. What might seem like an ideal place in the summer may not be so perfect during spring or winter.

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The Benefits Of One Story Homes

The Tapestry one story houseHomes with only one story have been growing in popularity over the years for many reasons. There are many advantages to these types of residences, from cost to convenience and even comfort. Here are some of the reasons why people are choosing to have one story homes nowadays over other types of homes.

First of all, this style of home is very economical to build. There are reduced costs on building materials, and the structure of the home is a lot simpler, making it both convenient and cost-efficient, as well as saving on construction time. The costs are not only reduced in the building stages, as the home is also economical in the upkeep. Maintaining one level when it comes to cleaning, electrical and other tasks is undeniably less cumbersome than for homes with more floors.

These homes do not need to be small, as might come to mind automatically. In fact, ranches are only one story and can spread across a huge expanse. This layout is the beauty of this type of home, as you can be as creative as you want for an aesthetically pleasing structure. Furthermore, there is always the option to build upwards at a later date once the foundation is properly laid.

One-story homes are also in demand for the aging population nowadays. It allows for ease of movement without staircases to maneuver frequently. They are also good for those who require wheelchair access. A home like this could last generations as it accommodates the changing needs of individuals as they grow and get older.

Finally, homes like this are easier to keep cool or warm depending on the weather. It does not take as long or as much energy to maintain a steady temperature due to the home’s structure. Depending on the materials, it is very easy to save on bills for heating or cooling, and so these houses are perfect for any environment or location, as well as any amount of space available.

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Over 55 Living In Style And Comfort

Two Senior Women Playing Dominoes At Day Care CentreRetirement has never been more appealing than it is today, with the development of communities and housing tailored to suit those needs. Over 55 living is a booming business which provides a high quality of life for those who have reached the age of retirement or who want to enjoy life with others like themselves.

There are many of these communities to be found, all of which cater to the different needs one may have. They are not to be confused with retirement homes. These communities offer independence and active lifestyles for those who are perfectly capable of caring for themselves but who would like comfort in the knowledge that there is assistance nearby should they require it.

These types of homes are perfect for people over 55 who perhaps want to downsize their homes. Downsizing tends to happen when all of the children in the family have gone off to school or work and have started building homes of their own. It may be because larger homes with staircases and multiple stories can be cumbersome to move around in, as well as maintain.

Living in this type of community provides individuals with the opportunity to meet others like themselves. They can take part in as many or as little activities as they wish. It’s also a great way for couples to reconnect and make new friends, as well as for single retirees to find someone with which to share the next part of their lives.

Just a few of the activities and facilities that tend to be offered in these spaces are swimming (both indoors or outdoors), tennis, gym, golf, cinemas and even libraries. Other useful amenities on hand, such as grocery shopping, pharmacies and any assistance that may be necessary around the clock. There truly is something for everyone; all that’s left to do is find the place that suits you.

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Different Retirement Living Options To Consider

Senior Couple Relaxing In Autumn LandscapeChoosing where to spend your retirement can be so challenging due to the many options that are available. It can also be a hard choice based on how much money you have saved up. Here are some of the top retirement living options that you should explore, depending on what your situation in life is.

If you would still like to live in your home but have assistance with your day-to-day activities, home care is your best option. You remain entirely independent and get as much help as you need – from once a week to 24-hour care.

Assisted living is a good option for older adults who cannot safely live on their own, but do not require a high level of attention. Residents live in private apartments, but there is a 24-hour staff to help them. Meals are cooked and served in a central place, and housekeeping services are provided.

If you are going through transitions that result in memory loss, a memory care living option is your best bet. In this environment, you will participate in a variety of exercises that will help to enhance your memory. You will also get the support that you require.

Independent care is for individuals who are still quite active and do not need a lot of medical care. In this arrangement, the seniors live in fully- equipped serviced apartments. The sizes of the apartments vary, from single rooms to two or three bedrooms.

Nursing homes are best for seniors who require a high level of medical care.  Skilled nurses and nursing assistants are present to offer any help that is necessary.

If you prefer to live in a more private and traditional community setting, then Residential care is a good option. In this case, several seniors live together in a private home and hire caretakers to look after them. The caretakers provide nursing care and assist with daily chores.

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Having A Dog Park In Community Spaces

Woman walking a dogPets are part of the family and should be treated as such. There are many spaces which don’t allow pets, for various reasons, and others that do. Sometimes it can be difficult to live in a community where the open space is not conducive to keeping pets active and so having a dog park in community spaces would be most beneficial.

Such a park would give pet owners the opportunity to exercise with their pets properly. Bigger dogs need lots of room to run and play, and exercise is a huge requirement of their particular breed. It’s also important for dogs to be able to relieve themselves conveniently, as this can be a hassle for some depending on the type of residence in which they live. There is also the obvious fact that open spaces of greenery are aesthetically pleasing and studies have shown that there are many health benefits to such parks.

Dog parks also allow these animals to be off their leashes. This freedom provides ample frolicking and also socializing between pets. While some may see this as a potentially dangerous thing, this gives dog owners the chance to meet new people and socialize between themselves.

A dog park is a great way for those with dogs to be able to exchange useful information regarding their pets. This information includes services such as grooming, or good veterinarians located nearby. The conversation may even delve further into other aspects that may benefit the individuals in question. Great human relationships can be formed in this way as it encourages interaction.

Furthermore, those involved in these types of spaces are often invited to other community events. Participation means that dog owners can play an active role in shaping the community further, particularly when it comes to maintenance of the park, landscaping of the area and also problems with pet overpopulation.

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The Benefits Of Joining An Active Adult Community

Senior couple relaxing outsideAs an aging adult, you are probably concerned with maintaining your sense of autonomy and independence. Losing these things is a very common fear among the senior demographic. Sadly, however, older adults have to account for the different changes that are likely to occur over time regarding their overall physical and mental health. The good news is that you can get the support you need at every stage of life by joining an active adult community. Best of all, you don’t have to give up your independence in the process.

These communities are designed to provide people with easy access to all of the help and resources that are necessary for maintaining high-quality lives. They can find a wealth of options in entertainment right on sight. Some communities are located right near water for those who like fishing, riding on boats or simply watching the waves. Others have swimming pools, fitness facilities, golf courses and other recreational activities. When you live in these place, you will never be hard put to find something fun to do.

One major benefit of life in these locations is the ability to continue socializing with others. This social network eliminates the likelihood of dealing with senior isolation, which is an incredibly common problem for older adults. You will always be surrounded with like-minded individuals who are dealing with similar concerns.

Staying active is great for maintaining essential skills that will allow you to continue supporting and caring for yourself. You will be encouraged to continue managing your responsibilities for as long as possible. Moreover, you will have access to a range of flexible and adaptable services that will continue supporting you even after your needs have changed.

There are many options for seniors. These options make it possible for seniors to find places that are in-line with their budgets, their preferences, and their needs. You can choose to stay in a consistently sunny location or can look for lodging and professional support in an area that has four distinct seasons and a cooler climate overall.

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