Woman walking a dogPets are part of the family and should be treated as such. There are many spaces which don’t allow pets, for various reasons, and others that do. Sometimes it can be difficult to live in a community where the open space is not conducive to keeping pets active and so having a dog park in community spaces would be most beneficial.

Such a park would give pet owners the opportunity to exercise with their pets properly. Bigger dogs need lots of room to run and play, and exercise is a huge requirement of their particular breed. It’s also important for dogs to be able to relieve themselves conveniently, as this can be a hassle for some depending on the type of residence in which they live. There is also the obvious fact that open spaces of greenery are aesthetically pleasing and studies have shown that there are many health benefits to such parks.

Dog parks also allow these animals to be off their leashes. This freedom provides ample frolicking and also socializing between pets. While some may see this as a potentially dangerous thing, this gives dog owners the chance to meet new people and socialize between themselves.

A dog park is a great way for those with dogs to be able to exchange useful information regarding their pets. This information includes services such as grooming, or good veterinarians located nearby. The conversation may even delve further into other aspects that may benefit the individuals in question. Great human relationships can be formed in this way as it encourages interaction.

Furthermore, those involved in these types of spaces are often invited to other community events. Participation means that dog owners can play an active role in shaping the community further, particularly when it comes to maintenance of the park, landscaping of the area and also problems with pet overpopulation.

For more information on an age-targeted community contact The Tapestry at 954-815-2530.


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