Two Senior Women Playing Dominoes At Day Care CentreRetirement has never been more appealing than it is today, with the development of communities and housing tailored to suit those needs. Over 55 living is a booming business which provides a high quality of life for those who have reached the age of retirement or who want to enjoy life with others like themselves.

There are many of these communities to be found, all of which cater to the different needs one may have. They are not to be confused with retirement homes. These communities offer independence and active lifestyles for those who are perfectly capable of caring for themselves but who would like comfort in the knowledge that there is assistance nearby should they require it.

These types of homes are perfect for people over 55 who perhaps want to downsize their homes. Downsizing tends to happen when all of the children in the family have gone off to school or work and have started building homes of their own. It may be because larger homes with staircases and multiple stories can be cumbersome to move around in, as well as maintain.

Living in this type of community provides individuals with the opportunity to meet others like themselves. They can take part in as many or as little activities as they wish. It’s also a great way for couples to reconnect and make new friends, as well as for single retirees to find someone with which to share the next part of their lives.

Just a few of the activities and facilities that tend to be offered in these spaces are swimming (both indoors or outdoors), tennis, gym, golf, cinemas and even libraries. Other useful amenities on hand, such as grocery shopping, pharmacies and any assistance that may be necessary around the clock. There truly is something for everyone; all that’s left to do is find the place that suits you.

Check out The Tapestry, an age-targeted community in Garner, NC.  Call 954-815-2530.


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