The Tapestry one story houseHomes with only one story have been growing in popularity over the years for many reasons. There are many advantages to these types of residences, from cost to convenience and even comfort. Here are some of the reasons why people are choosing to have one story homes nowadays over other types of homes.

First of all, this style of home is very economical to build. There are reduced costs on building materials, and the structure of the home is a lot simpler, making it both convenient and cost-efficient, as well as saving on construction time. The costs are not only reduced in the building stages, as the home is also economical in the upkeep. Maintaining one level when it comes to cleaning, electrical and other tasks is undeniably less cumbersome than for homes with more floors.

These homes do not need to be small, as might come to mind automatically. In fact, ranches are only one story and can spread across a huge expanse. This layout is the beauty of this type of home, as you can be as creative as you want for an aesthetically pleasing structure. Furthermore, there is always the option to build upwards at a later date once the foundation is properly laid.

One-story homes are also in demand for the aging population nowadays. It allows for ease of movement without staircases to maneuver frequently. They are also good for those who require wheelchair access. A home like this could last generations as it accommodates the changing needs of individuals as they grow and get older.

Finally, homes like this are easier to keep cool or warm depending on the weather. It does not take as long or as much energy to maintain a steady temperature due to the home’s structure. Depending on the materials, it is very easy to save on bills for heating or cooling, and so these houses are perfect for any environment or location, as well as any amount of space available.

For information on an active adult community in Garner, NC, contact The Tapestry at 954-815-2530.


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