The Tapestry master bedroom on the first floorThe baby boomer generation continues to influence trends in many segments of our society. One of those influences comes in house plans. As this generation ages, there has been a trend in home designs to have master bedrooms on the first-floor level of multi-level homes. Whether this is due to the tenants having mobility issues or the anticipation of problems in the future, people are planning to remain in their home as they age.

Even though this trend has been influenced by the aging population, it has also been embraced by many younger homebuyers. Privacy is a significant factor for wanting sleeping areas on different floors or in different wings of a house. With more people sharing homes making private areas for the tenants is a high priority. Sharing space whether it is in a multi-generational home or unrelated people living together many people are looking for separation between private areas in the home.

Another group of individuals who look for master bedrooms on the first floor is people buying the home to use as a vacation home. Being able to close off part of the house when the home is vacant or when only part of the house is used can save money on heating or cooling the entire home. This floor plan also works for empty-nesters who can save on energy bills when the kids are away at school, and the bedrooms upstairs are not being used.

One group of buyers who are split about master bedrooms on the first floor are people with young children. Many think that being on different levels may pose a safety risk in case of fire or just a long trudge in the middle of the night to attend to a crying or sick child. Some solve the problem by using one of the bedrooms upstairs as the master until the children are older. Others just use monitors to keep track of the children. Then again other parents love having the children on the second floor, separate from the master bedroom.

As long as the public shows a demand for this style of home, builders are going to continue to build them.

Check out the floor plans for villas at The Tapestry, an age-targeted community in Garner, North Carolina. All the floor plans offer a master bedroom on the first floor. Contact the Tapestry at 954-815-2530.


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