The Tapestry dog park in communityAs a potential home investor, there are some neighborhood features that you should seek.  Additions like these can significantly increase the amount of enjoyment that you get from your new abode. Following are some of the impressive benefits that can be gained by having a dog park in community areas.

These places are ideal for letting pets roam free. In these areas, you do not have to keep your animal on a leash, given that they are enclosed and populated by pet-friendly people. Dog parks are preferable to walk dogs down city streets and never giving them a chance to play and explore on their own.

For pets, this is an excellent opportunity to socialize. These animals can get quite lonely if they never have the chance to engage with their kind. This result is valid even when pet owners are diligent about interacting with their dogs regularly. You want your pup to know how to respond to other canines, so they develop socialization skills and are then unlikely to act out whenever an encounter occurs.

Dogs tend to get far more exercise in spaces like these. If you go down the sidewalk with your pet on a leash, they only walk. With these large, gated areas, dogs can go ahead and break out into full-on runs. This type of exercise is excellent for building endurance, preventing excess weight gain and protecting their cardiovascular health.

When neighborhoods have features like these, they can also benefit community residents who do not own pets. Having a safe and contained place to play means they are not running around in public areas freely. Best of all, property owners can enjoy the added benefit of knowing that these communal additions will also make their homes more marketable by attracting interested buyers, should they ever want to sell.

If you are interested in a dog-friendly community, check out The Tapestry, an age-targetd community in Garner, NC.  Call 954-815-2530.


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